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Rest in Peace, Sam Hall (March 11, 1921—September 26, 2014), writer of Dark Shadows from 1967 to 1971 and the husband of Grayson Hall. He was 93.

Remembering Grayson Hall on her birthday, September 18th, with some of the fan arts found on Facebook today.

"I’m sorry, Mrs. Johnson. Forgive me. I’ve had a very difficult night."

 ”Caring for him?”


At Collinwood Mrs. Johnson inquires about Barnabas condition. Harry found him collapsed in the woods, pale and trembling and barely able to stand. He refused help, saying that Julia would take care of him back at the Old House. Julia covers her surprise, and assures Mrs. Johnson that Barnabas is home resting. But it’s plain that Julia suspects the nature of Barnabas’ “illness”. Novice killer Joe decides he’s too weak to strangle Barnabas with his bare hands, but a drapery cord could do the trick. Joe creeps up on a snoozing Barnabas and wraps the cord around his neck. 


 ”She still loves Joe.”


Maggie wishes there was something she could do. Joe seemed almost delirious. And he wouldn’t discuss the woman. She thanks Barnabas for everything he’s done. After she leaves, Barnabas and Julia agree that Maggie is still in love with Joe. Julia must fetch more medicine from Collinwood. Barnabas wonders at her leaving him alone with Joe when she thinks he tried to kill him. Julia has had second thoughts about that. Barnabas saved Joe’s life by bringing him to the Old House. It’s very probable that they intruder poisoned the medicine. Barnabas quips about her change in attitude. He’s still tired so he decides to rest  in anticipation of another long night.

"No, I don’t believe you tried to kill him.

 ”Well, I’m honored by your new found trust.”

"Maybe I could tell you. You’re the only person I could talk to.

"Joe, I know how much she’s making you suffer! Why would she do that?

"Because she’s a…"

Joe and Maggie have another painful encounter. She’s happy he’s getting well. He says he will live, but she needs to stay away from him. Maggie offers to listen if he wants to talk. He thinks that maybe he can confide in her and almost does, but then he changes his mind and tells her to go away. Maggie, obviously thinking he’s in love with the other woman, says a sad “Good-bye, Joe.” Then he suddenly blurts out that if he dies, Barnabas will be to blame. He’s trying to kill him. Maggie, of course, doesn’t think this is possible and that he’s a few pineapples short of a luau. Barnabas saved his life, after all. Maggie urges Joe to rest. He knows she doesn’t believe him and after she leaves, Joe decides that drastic measures are called for.

"It’s all right, Maggie. Barnabas won’t kill me. I won’t let him. But how can I stop him? How? There’s only one way! I have to kill him before he kills me!"

"She’s doing such terrible things to him!"

"Yes, terrible."

"To think that he even tried to kill himself!"

Maggie stops by to inquire about Joe. She’s relieved that he seems to be better. Maggie claims she doesn’t want to see him but asks Julia if she knows the identity of the other woman, the girl who caused Joe’s attempted suicide. Julia doesn’t but suggests that Maggie might be able to find out. It could aid Julia in treating Joe if she knows all the facts (*and reveal the name of an illusive vampire). Maggie nervously agrees to visit Joe.

Barnabas, this medicine is poison. Deadly poison!”


Barnabas is pooped and wants to go to bed (*or to chair in the drawing Julia, however, has gotten her second wind and done a bit of science. She’s analyzed the medicine (*Wow that was quick) and finds that it contains poison. Barnabas seems genuinely shocked (*Really, Barnabas? You knew it was supposed to kill Joe). He denies wanting Joe dead. He saved his life and brought him to Julia. And he didn’t poison the medicine. It must have been the intruder Julia heard earlier when he was out. Julia doesn’t know what’s going on. She only knows that someone almost succeeded in killing Joe Haskell. Barnabas looks guilty and heads off to catch some zzzzs. Of course, Joe has woken up just in time to hear the tail end of the squabble.

He tried to kill me! He wants to kill me. To get rid of me. Because of her. He wants to murder me!”

"Will you tell Maggie what you are, what you’ve become?"

"No! No, Not Maggie! She must never know. No, not Maggie. No, not Maggie…not Maggie."

Barnabas promises Joe that no harm will come to him…this night. Joe wakes up still moaning about Angelique not wanting him. But he’s through with suicide. He’s going to pay Angelique back, and pay Barnabas back, too, if he’s the one she wants. He’ll tell everyone about Angelique and everything she’s done to him, to Barnabas, to everyone. Barnabas only gets him to quiet down by bringing up Maggie’s name. Joe doesn’t want Maggie to ever know. He drifts off to sleep again, with Maggie’s name on his lips.

"Well, I…I don’t know. I…I must have thought the morning had come."

"But how could you think that? It’s still dark out."

"Yes.Yes, it is isn’t it? Dark, very dark"

"Barnabas, you’re very strange."

Caught in the act. Julia walks in on Barnabas about to give Joe his “medicine.” Since it had already been established that Joe has had his proper dosage for the night, Barnabas can only hem and haw about being so overtired that he thought it was morning. But not too tired to continue the bedside vigil. Julia calls him very strange (*lol) and exits. But she takes the bottle of medicine with her, flashing him a very suspicious look.

"I won’t fall asleep until sunrise. You have my promise."

"All right. I’ll take this with me, in case you get confused again."

"I know why Angelique said Joe must be given this medicine. Because it will kill him! Why must I do this? I must do it because it is her command!"

*It’s interesting to see cured Barnabas on such a guilt trip at the thought of taking a life. For Vampire Barnabas such things—rather they were thoughts or deeds—had been business as usual.

"Julia, you’re awake! I thought you’d be sleeping."

"I woke up and found you were gone. Where have you been?"

Barnabas comes home with a really lame story about investigating the woods because the dogs were howling. Julia doesn’t understand why he didn’t wake her so Joe wouldn’t be left alone or why Barnabas says he was gone only a few minutes when it’s been at least an hour (*Time flies when you’re a vampire’s beverage of choice, eh, Barnabas?). Luckily for Barnabas, she’s too tired to cross exam him. She tells him of the noise she heard, but he says she’s just nervous and imagining things. Who would  break into the Old House? Barnabas insists on going upstairs to check on Joe, alone, and equally insistent that Julia rest while he’s gone. Julia clearly thinks an over-solicitous Barnabas is a very weird Barnabas.

"Because I want you to sit in there and get some rest. You need rest! You need it as much as I do."

"Well, you could be sick and not know it. Please let me call a doctor."

"Mrs Johnson, no please. Julia Hoffman is a doctor and if there’s anything wrong with me, she can take care of me. But I’m sure there’s nothing wrong…Forgive me, but I have to go now. I have to go to the Old House. Dr. Hoffman is there."

Harry takes Barnabas to Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson fusses. Barnabas says he fainted, but refuses any aid. Julia is at the Old House (*In the wee hours again…lol) and she can take care of him. Harry and Mrs. Johnson watch him go (*Obviously thinking, OK. That was weird).

"Joe Haskell will die and you will be responsible."


"Yes, I want you to be the guilty one. I want you to kill Joe Haskell and live with the guilt through eternity."

Angelique is not a happy vampire. Barnabas disobeyed her when he did not let Joe die of his wound. She orders him to kill Joe and feel guilty forever. Barnabas is shocked by this (“Why? We don’t know). Angelique smirks.  Barnabas declares Angelique will never get him to kill Joe. This sounds like a challenge to Angelique and she proves she’s in charge by biting him again. He screams (*again); Julia hears bumps in the night, which is just Harry the noisy crook slipping out of the Old House. He soon stumbles upon Barnabas collapsed in the woods.