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Now the background of the Collins shipping interests is in many ways even more fascinating than the family.history.”

Barnabas survives the drive to Blair House and heads upstairs. At the Old House, Stokes prattles on and on. A bored Nicholas tries to excuse himself in order to pay Roger his respects. Julia improvises, stating that Roger went to bed as she was leaving. Stokes continues his dissertation. At Nicholas’ house, Barnabas readies the hypodermic and enters Eve’s room. He moves to stab the body in her bed, but finds he has fallen for the old pillows under the blanket trick once again. He is greeted by Angelique, who bares her fangs.


Is the Professor going on about his unfortunate ancestor?”

"Well, actually he’s told me more about your ancestors."

"Well, I’m sure he’s the one to tell you. He probably knows more about my family than I do."

Professor Stokes gives a history lesson: Joshua Collins built the Old House for Naomi in 1757, but after Collinwood was built in 1796, the house remained unoccupied until the present Barnabas Collins emigrated from England. He knows all this because his ancestor, Ben Stokes, was a servant indentured to the Collins family (*But who knew Ben was such a history buff?). There’s no sign of food at this dinner party, but Barnabas serves up some booze and even takes a rare drink himself (*Naomi’s son is apparently a teetotaler). Barnabas and Stokes wonder where the usually prompt Julia could be. Soon she arrives with the fake summons from Liz. Barnabas pretends to be reluctant to leave his guests, but Nicholas plays along and urges Barnabas to fulfill his family duty. Barnabas heads out with the killing dose provided by Julia, along with a plea to be careful (*which is rather like telling rain to be dry…lol).

"My, dear Barnabas, aside from whatever supernatural powers he may possess, the man is an insufferable egotist. I don’t think he believes that ordinary people like us would dare to plot against him."

Professor Stokes arrives at the Old House, convinced that Nicholas doesn’t suspect a thing. The Three Musketeers study a detailed sketch of Blair House (*Did Stokes draw this in the car?…lol) which includes three bedrooms. The cologne scented room Stokes surmises to be Eve’s. Julia worries that Adam may be with Eve when Barnabas arrives, but Stokes believes Eve did not respond to Adam and will be alone  (*doesn’t everyone sleep alone on Dark Shadows?). The Plan is for Julia to arrive late to the dinner party, saying she was detained by an ill Mrs. Stoddard, who wants to see Barnabas. Barnabas will excuse himself from the party and make his escape to Blair House in Stokes car (*running down a few pedestrians along the way). Julia continues to fret about the danger. Barnabas tells Stokes of Julia’s nightmare which “she chooses to interpret as a premonition”. While agreeing that it is a dangerous situation, Stokes believes that Nicholas is completely in the dark and votes with Team Barnabas.  But Julia’s intuition is sound. Nicholas is watching the strategy session on his Magic Mirror TV.

There is no question that we are all in danger, especially Barnabas. But I think you are over-reacting. If I thought for a moment that Nicholas suspected anything, I’d say that it was insanity to go ahead with all this. But he doesn’t  suspect anything.”

*This is the first reference on the show to Barnabas driving a car. Who taught him and how a man born in the 18th Century obtained the necessary paperwork to get a drivers license has been left to fanfiction.

"Barnabas Collins has certain eccentricities…The most annoying of which is his stubborn refusal to surrender to any of the technological advances of the last hundred years… He couldn’t possibly call you because he doesn’t have a telephone. If you dine with him, you’ll dine by candlelight because he has no electricity." 

Professor Stokes sips sherry at Blair House. He extends an invitation to Nicholas-on behalf of Barnabas—to a small dinner party that evening at the Old House. Nicholas expresses surprise. He didn’t think Barnabas liked him. Stokes claims he once got a similar chilly reception from Barnabas, but now they are good friends. Nicholas wonders why Barnabas didn’t simply phone to invite him himself? This leads to a discussion of Barn’s eccentricities—he has no phone, no electricity and yet he is rather “touchy” on the subject of the past. Nicholas declares this to be fascinating. After a few well placed compliments, Stokes maneuvers a tour of Blair House and tells Nicholas to be at the Old House at 10 o’clock

"Dining late is one of Barnabas Collins’ minor eccentricities."

Julia, I’m surprised at you. I’m hardly a psychologist but obviously your dream was perfectly obvious. You were convinced that we shouldn’t go through with this last night. I argued with you and so you simply dreamed something to support what you feared. It’s as simple as that.”

Julia tells Barnabas that he will die if he goes to Nicholas Blair’s house. She saw it all in a dream. Amused, Barnabas offers a psychological explanation. They disagreed on the plan to kill Eve, so Julia’s subconscious kicked in with proof to support her argument (*Thank you, “Dr” Collins. Have you been reading Julia’s medical books again?). At any rate, it’s too late to change the plan, even if he wanted to. It’s already in motion, so they must finish what they’ve started..

"Barnabas, you can’t dismiss it as easily as that. Not when your life is in danger."

"My life will not be in danger, Julia. We’ve thought this out very, very carefully."


I’m almost at episode 300 where Burke Devlin proposes to Victoria Winters.
I have my own thoughts on it, but how did you all feel about the proposal?
Did you feel that Burke really loved her, or did it seem like an ulterior motive was in play?

—I don’t think Burke had any ulterior motive in proposing to Vicki. His vendetta against the Collins family was over by this point. I think he did genuinely love her. Of Vicki’s two official boyfriends, I’ve always liked Burke the best. Peter Bradford/Jeff Clark—whom I’ve dubbed “Shouty McYellerson”—makes my ears bleed.


I’m almost at episode 300 where Burke Devlin proposes to Victoria Winters.

I have my own thoughts on it, but how did you all feel about the proposal?

Did you feel that Burke really loved her, or did it seem like an ulterior motive was in play?

—I don’t think Burke had any ulterior motive in proposing to Vicki. His vendetta against the Collins family was over by this point. I think he did genuinely love her. Of Vicki’s two official boyfriends, I’ve always liked Burke the best. Peter Bradford/Jeff Clark—whom I’ve dubbed “Shouty McYellerson”—makes my ears bleed.

Beautiful collage of Grayson Hall that’s been posted around the Facebook groups.

Pictures from the 2014 Dark Shadows Festival, the weekend of June 28th, Tarrytown, NY. Snagged from various Facebook groups

"Julia! Julia! Come to me! I need you! Julia! Please help me! Help me! Come to me! The woods, Julia! Please, come to me! The woods, Julia! Hurry! Hurry! You were right, Julia! Mistake! I should never have gone to Nicholas’ house!"

Julia goes to bed. At 3 a.m.she is in the midst of a weird dream. Barnabas is in peril. He beckons her to the woods where he laments going to Blair House. Then he falls down dead. Julia wakes up screaming his name.

Barnabas! Barnabas!”

*Barnabas makes a really fine damsel in distress….lol. However, Julia’s first clue that this was a dream should have been Barnabas using the words “You were right” and “mistake”.

"She could be buried alive!"

"Oh, Vicki, we won’t make that mistake."

Julia is dressed for bed and reading. Vicki visits her and they discuss Liz.. Vicki knows that Liz couldn’t have died and come back to life (*someone should tell her what show she’s on…lol.), but could her catatonic state return? Julia believes that it could. How then can they can prevent Liz’s live burial? Julia insists that won’t happen. They will find the cause of Liz’s obsession, if it’s humanly possible. With that settled—more or less— they enjoy a little girl talk. Julia learns that Jeff was there to help with Liz because he came to see Vicki earlier.

"Does that mean that the two of you are back together?"


"I want you to know that I’m very happy for you."

"Thank you, Julia. Good night."

Vicki, look. I know I acted like an idiot, and I’m sorry for treating you the way I did.  I just want you to know that something had happened to me. I don’t know what it was, but it’s changed and I just want a chance to prove that to you. Give me that chance. Please.”

Vicki doesn’t know how to thank Jeff for finding Liz and bringing her home. Her softer mood, inspires Jeff to apologize again. He says “something” happened to him but that’s over and he just wants a second chance. After some soap opera interruptis when Liz’s doctor finally arrives, Vicki caves and admits she wants Jeff back. The lovebirds are happily reunited just as Barnabas descends the stairs. He is shocked to see Vicki in Jeff’s arms, Glowering, he exits Collinwood silently, his dignity, if not his ego, intact.

*As many have pointed out before, Barnabas and Julia are in very similar positions at this point in the show. Both have been friend zoned by the objects of their affection. If Barnabas has been more vocal about his feelings for Vicki than Julia has been about hers for Barnabas, neither has he been proactive in trying to win Vicki.

"I’ve known patients who had an exaggerated fear of death before, but never anything this serious. Whats’ troubling her so deeply is more than a fear of death."

"I don’t understand."

I don’t quite know how to put it. Elizabeth Stoddard is tortured by the presence of death. We can’t see it, of course, but if you look into her eyes, you know that somehow she can see it.”

Barnabas and Julia have another convo in her bedroom. Julia feels that Liz is tortured by not just a fear, but a presence of death. Barnabas has his usual suspect, Angelique, noting that Elizabeth’s strange behavior started with Cassandral’s disappearance (*He must be referring to Cassandralique’s  first disappearance at Ghost Trask’s exorcism).  But why, Julia asks, would it still be happening when Cassandra has been gone for so long? They wonder if Nicholas might have resurrected her.

Would Nicholas really want to bring Cassandra back?”

"I was dead! I heard you talking about me! You said I had no heartbeat, no pulse!"

"Mrs. Stoddard, if you heard us, then you couldn’t have been dead."

"But you thought I was! And if I hadn’t come to when I did, if I’d stayed the way I was for one or two more days, you would have buried me alive!"

Liz is convinced that everything she feared is coming true. Julia sends Barnabas upstairs for her medical bag and calmly tries to reason with Liz. She couldn’t have been dead if she’d heard what was going on around her. There are cases of catatonia with no detectable vital signs. She offers Liz a sedative so she can sleep and recover from the shock. Liz eyes them all suspiciously (lol), but takes the pill and allows Barnabas and Julia to take her to her room.

"Mrs. Stoddard, we are all your friends. The sedative will not harm you. Please. Please take it."

"When I felt her pulse, I couldn’t feel anything.

"You were right. She has no pulse  and I can’t detect a heartbeat."

"is she dead?"


Vicki is distraught and seeks comfort in Jeff’s arms (*Who didn’t see that coming?). Barnabas and Julia come down from her room and join the party. Jeff explains how he found Liz in the cemetery (*Barnabas is like…the cemetery? Why would anyone be found in the cemetery?…lol) Julia examines Liz and agrees  with Vicki that Liz shows no sign of life. Of course, two seconds after Julia says she’s dead, Liz opens her eyes

"No! No! I was right! I was right! I knew it was going to happen. I knew it was. I tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen to me…I can’t stay in this house! I’m not safe here!"

"The power that Nicholas  has is terrifying. If he finds you in his house it could be the end of you….Suppose he already knows every move we’ve made?"

"Why should he?"

"Because he’s Nicholas Blair and he isn’t human."

Julia is fairly certain that the plan to kill Eve is a recipe for disaster. She’s frightened for Barnabas and urges him to reconsider. .Barnabas basically feels she’s being a party pooper. The decision has been made (*So let it be written, so let it be done!). Julia worries that Nicholas could already know of the plan and  be setting a trap. Barnabas, of course,  thinks that’s absurd (*How would a warlock be able to know what they’re up to, right Barnabas?). Julia must come to the Old House at 3 o’clock tomorrow and help Professor Stokes keep Nicholas there, while Barnabas does his thing with the hypodermic at Blair House.

"You’re absolutely sure that it will look like a natural death?”

"Yes. Ten seconds after the poison enters Eve’s body, she’ll be dead. Two minutes later, all trace of the poison will be gone.It will appear to be a heart attack.