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"It’s over Adam. We’ve failed."

"I should kill you both!"

The experiment is over. It’s a bust. Adam yells at everyone again. They hear a moan. Adam unwraps Eve’s bandages. She’s alive!

Her eyes are open! She is alive! She is alive!”

*First appearance of Marie Wallace as Eve.

It’s nothing dangerous. It’s just something that will make it easier to fight the pain.”

"I don’t want an injection. I can stand the pain."

The Eve Experiment Part Duex gets underway. Leona refuses an anesthetic. She seems to hope it will be painful.. Barnabas asks Julia if there’s anything he can do to help (*holy smoke). Julia sets him the task of monitoring Leona’s pulse (*a reanimated ghost has a pulse? Who knew?.) Julia pulls all the switches. Leona and Eve light up. Leona’s pulse weakens. She feels pain, smiles, then screams and collapses. Barnabas calls Julia over. Eve Life Force #2 has bitten the dust.

"She’s dead! I don’t want to think of what we’ve done."

Barnabas, I don’t believe one word of that woman’s story.”

"Well, I’m not sure that I do either."

"It’s too pat. Too sentimental."

Nevertheless, we must go through with this. We must use that girl for the life force. We have no other choice, whether we want to or not.”

Julia thinks Leona Eltridge is lying. Barnabas agrees (*wow), but he sees no other alternative (*it beats snatching some inspecting woman off the street). Adam brings Leona to the laboratory (*where did you get the nightie, Leona?). She reiterates that she understand the risks. Adam yells at everyone to stop wasting time and smiles at his bride. Barnabas again reminds him that Eve will be a child when she comes alive, without knowledge or experience, and will need to be educated. Does Adam really think he is capable of all that? No problem, says Adam who was reading the classics by the age of three months. He will take care of her. No one else. She will be his.

"Soon you will live. And you will be mine!"

*Definitely a Barnabas-like statement. lol

If this experiment succeeds, if I am allowed to live again through that creation, I will destroy all these people! All of them! All of them!”

Julia tells Adam to hold his horses. The experiment can’t be resumed until she readies the equipment. Surprisingly, he agrees. He’s not so agreeable to Professor Stokes questioning Leona. Barnabas wonders what he’s afraid of. Leona, upstairs monologuing about destroying everybody (*and having a miniskirt, agrees to see Professor Stokes. She tells him she knows about the experiment because she was Eric Lang’s girlfriend. She has a terminal illness and would prefer to die fulfilling Lang’s dream. Leona gloats to Adam that Stokes believed every word of her story. Downstairs, Stokes and Barnabas are doubtful, though Barnabas points out they haven’t any choice but to use Leona as the life force. Stokes returns to the subject of the spelling of “Eltridge” and suddenly leaves. Barnabas looks confused (*or in need of a drink or some sleep).

There’s something I must do. Something that could be important. I’ll explain later. Goodbye.”

"Julia, I spoke to her!"

"Carolyn was dead, Barnabas. I swear it. She was dead!"

"Julia, you’re wrong!"

Julia is having a hard time believing that she could have mis-diagnosed Carolyn’s death (*especially after a year of hanging out with vampires, ghosts, witches and Frankenstein monsters). Bi-polar Barnabas is back to thinking Julia was wrong. Stokes finds it curious that Carolyn remembers nothing after fainting during the experiment. Barnabas finds it just as curious that Adam found a replacement life force so quickly—“this gel that’s upstairs now.” Stokes is fascinated by Miss Eltridge’s name and wonders how it’s spelled. But Barnabas apparently didn’t win any spelling bees at school and doesn’t know.

"Eltridge… rather an odd name. I don’t believe I’ve heard it before. How do you spell it?"

"I don’t know.”

"Julia! Where have you been?!"

"I didn’t know what to do, so I went to see Professor Stokes."

Julia returns with Professor Stokes in tow. Both are relieved that Barnabas didn’t spill his guts at Collinwood about the experiment. No police will be coming to call. Barnabas says they have much more to worry about now. Many things have happened since Julia left the house. Things Barnabas can’t understand. Upstairs, Adam is asking the same questions Barnabas asked. Leona tells him she is a friend of Nicholas but instructs him not to tell anyone that or that they only met tonight.

"You ask as many questions as the man downstairs."

"I’m sorry."

"i told you I would find someone for the life force, Barnabas, and I have. Is Julia here?’


"I told you that you must find her!"

"Well, she’s not at Collinwood. I don’t know where she is."

Julia’s awol, and Barnabas’ questions as to who Leona Eltridge is get him nowhere. Adam is his usual belligerent self and Leona will only say she has a variety of reasons for wanting to participate in the experiment. She treats Barnabas a bit like he’s the village idiot, while Adam insists his questions are unimportant. He must find Julia. The experiment must be completed tonight. Adam takes Leona upstairs to Josette’s room to rest. Barnabas continues to protest.

"I don’t know who this lady is or where she comes from, and I want to know!"

*Controlling situations was a whole lot easier when you had fangs, wasn’t it Barnabas? lol

"Where could Julia be? What did Adam mean? How can we conduct the experiment tonight? Who could he possibly find to provide the life force?"

Barnabas wonders where Julia went (*it’s 3 a.m. Maybe she went home to bed? Nah.), And who could Adam  have found to take Carolyn’s place? A strange woman knocks at the door. Her name is Leona Eltridge. Adam sent her.

She is the one, Barnabas. She will provide the life force for my mate.

There is a way that you can help Adam…By assisting me in a ritual…A ritual that will summon the spirit of a woman…a woman who for almost two centuries has been dead!

Nicholas tells Carolyn that she can continue to help Adam by assisting him in a ritual to summon the spirit of a woman who emigrated to America during the French Revolution. Danielle Roget enjoys the spectacle of death and sent seven people to the guillotine, including two members of her own family. Carolyn freaks out during the seance and faints.. The ghost of Danielle Roget appears and gets pissy that Nicholas didn’t summon her to kill (as he’d always done before). Nicholas tells her that she can live again if she appears in the flesh at 3 o’clock. She reminds him she can only take human form for a few hours. Nicholas says that is all the time they will need. Back at Collinwood, Nicholas removes Carolyn’s memory of the seance and of her participation in the experiment. He kisses her hand and takes his leave.

Look into my eyes, Carolyn. Look into my eyes. You will not try to resist me…When I snap my fingers, you will forget what happened tonight.  All memory of it will be gone. And you will forget about the experiment. Everything you have witnessed. All of those memories will be gone. Do you understand? You will believe I came here to find Roger, and that is all. Do you understand that?


"No, it’s Adam/ Where is Julia?"

"I don’t know."

Barnabas stares gloomily into the fire. Julia is absent without leave (*lol). Adam shares the good news that he must find Julia because the experiment will be completed tonight. Pointing his finger a lot, Adam says a new life force will be provided.. Barnabas need not worry about how or who.

"Just find Julia! Tell her to get everything ready. The experiment will be completed tonight!"

"I’m willing to go through with it again."

"The experiment?…You’re willing to do that for me?"

Carolyn is willing to give the experiment another try. Adam is touched by her offer but says it’s too dangerous. Someone else will provide the life force. Carolyn is disappointed. She wanted to help him. She is making it difficult to say goodbye (*again).  After the experiment is completed, Adam must leave Collinsport. He asks Carolyn if he may hold her and kiss her goodbye. She goes willingly into his arms and the attraction between the two is very evident. Adam leaves and Carolyn is clearly upset.

"I’ll miss you."

"Carolyn, think of me sometimes. Try not to forget me."

"I won’t have to try. I’ll always remember you. Always!"

She…She’s alive! And yet not more than an hour ago, Julia pronounced her dead! Could Julia have made a mistake? No! Julia is a doctor! She couldn’t make that kind of a mistake. Carolyn WAS dead! And now she’s alive! How is it possible? How?”

Barnabas stops outside to ponder how Carolyn could be alive when she was most sincerely dead. In his room upstairs, Adam asks the same question. Nicholas reminds him that he has special powers. Adam doesn’t have to understand. He just needs to let him select the life force. All Adam cares about is that Carolyn is alive. Nicholas instructs Adam to say goodbye to Carolyn (*What? Again?”). His mate will have all the qualities that Carolyn possesses and be just as beautiful. Adam will learn to love her. The whole thing is getting a bit creepy even for Adam. He is frightened of his new life.

Do not be frightened. I will take care of you. I will see that you are happy. You and Eve!”

*Barnabas have come a long way. No more than a year ago he would have blamed everything on Julia.

"Barnabas, what’s the matter with you? Can’t you speak?"

Barnabas is dumbfounded by Not Dead Carolyn. She remembers nothing after losing consciousness during the experiment. She woke up in her bed at Collinwood and assumed he and Julia, or Adam brought her back home. She is sorry the experiment failed. She wanted it to turn out well for Adam’s sake.

"What will you and Julia do now?"

"I don’t know."

*As usual, Jonathan Frid makes the most adorable shocked and confused faces, although Barnabas has surely seen stranger things than this. lol

"I can’t go through with it! I can’t tell them Carolyn is dead! If I was to tell them about the experiment, Adam, everything Julia and I have done… if the truth starts to come out, where will it end? Where? No! I can’t think about that. The family has to know that Carolyn is dead! And how she died! I have to tell them, no matter what happens to me! No matter what happens, I must tell them!"

At the door of Collinwood, Barnabas has second thoughts and wonders where the truth-telling will end. But he convinces himself he must do the right thing, no matter what becomes of him. Barnabas is stunned when Carolyn answers the door.

"Julia, I realize I didn’t consult with you before I made this decision."

"Barnabas, that’s not why I don’t want you to do it."

"I know. And I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me. But I don’t want you to suffer the consequences with me. I’m going to do everything I can to exonerate you.


"It’s all right, Julia. I know what I’m doing. I know what’s right.""

Confession is good for the soul. Barnabas remains adamant that he will go to Collinwood and tell the family about the experiment, Carolyn’s death, and that he was once a vampire. He will do his best to protect Julia.